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Above the Clouds



Modern Art Cowboy is

a Marketplace

a Memory

a Mind set

Made for You

to Discover and Dream

to Dismantle and Design



The Pursuit of Art, Diversity, Love and Truth

Modern Art Cowboy seeks to preserve Artists' histories and legacies, by sharing their stories and providing rare access to a lifetime of studies, expertise, work and passions.


Included are incredible works from auctions, studios, private collections and estates. 


Modern Art Cowboy is also a community-focused art business that prioritizes on working with Local Underrepresented Contemporary Artists groups in an effort to support diversity, equity and inclusion within the Art and Design and local business communities.


Working with businesses and organizations to commit their networks and resources to Underrepresented Artists from BIPOC, AAPI, Latinx, Veterans, People with Disabilities, the Incarcerated and the Youth. Vital artworks, futures and legacies from communities that have been disproportionately marginalized, can be accessible, celebrated and impactful while leading culture, conversations and communities. 


Along with acquiring artists' works for sale and placement, Modern Art Cowboy also focuses on creating work opportunities by partnering local, underrepresented artists with brands, businesses, companies and community organizations.


Modern Art Cowboy gives priority to show casing and providing a platform for these Underrepresented artist groups via art shows, pop-ups, auctions, events, marketing services,  sales, establishing strong connections and relationships with local businesses, brands, sponsors, patrons, collectors, public institutions and non-profits. 


Modern Art Cowboy also focuses on acquiring Mid-Century Modern Lost Art and Design Works from Post-War Artists who are retired, no longer in practice or who have passed without their works having ever been shown, appreciated or found the right collectors and home. Often their estates are managed by family members who are overwhelmed and no longer have the capacity or desire to maintain a lifetime of creation, study, practice and productivity. Rescuing and Recovering these collections is a Passion. Preserving these works, their legacies, their original and artistic processes, sharing their histories and the lives of these often forgotten artists allows for future generations to access their Ancestry through Artistry.

Modern Art Cowboy is a salon and marketplace, for extraordinary Fine Art and Design.

In-Person, Private Appointments are available at the West Seattle salon located on the corner of California Ave. and Findlay St.

Visit Virtually to explore online exhibitions and shop exciting curated collections and mercantile.

Modern Art Cowboy operates with a focus on creating work opportunities for and providing representation of Underrepresented artist groups. Working to create equal accessibility for all to Fine Art and Design.


Everyone should have the Opportunity as well as the Access to beauty, to truth, to being conservators of art and history through collecting authentic, original Works of Art and Design.


Through these Exhibitions and Artist Features, may you be inspired by the stories of the many Pre- and Post- War artists, designers and innovators. May an abstract use of color and space or a furniture designer's fine minimal line of design shake your core. What you discover here will stir your sense of curiosity, will urge you to learn more about these Artists' lives and truly original processes.


Design will Strike like Lightening and you will find yourself traveling through time, searching throughout History, discovering these creators' journeys, experiences, training and disciplines, cultivating their skills as they modernize entire movements. 

The artists and designers you seek and discover here revolutionized how art and design are consumed and incorporated. With each Collection, Exhibition and Artist Feature, timeless creations and their histories are presented to you.


With every creative who intrigues you, with every piece you discover and acquire here, May your Life and Environment become Rich with Inspiration.


Modern Art Cowboy upholds the belief Everyone should have the Opportunity as well as the Access to Fine Art and Design. 


Through Art, everyone can experience Truth and Reflection, Change and Catharsis.


Art provides an avenue for Expression and Enlightenment.


Art cultivates compassion, communication, collaboration, peace and collective healing.


Art allows us to re-examine, remember or reconsider... everything we thought we knew.


May you find the Answers to Your Truth. 

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