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Creative Consultancy and Agency

Modern Art Cowboy has an in-house Creative Consultancy with the special focus of employing and staffing Minority Artists. Your Projects will be vitalized with the Culture and Creativity from Minority Artists who are also highly trained and talented Ceative Professionals, with incredibly Diverse backgrounds, experiences, and industry skillsets for any Creative Projects you propose. These consultancy's initiatives are advocated for and practiced, in order to encourage intentional Diversity and Representation in Arts, Commerce and Culture.



  • Brand Strategy & Marketing

  • Data & Analytics

  • Consumer Insights

  • Digital Integration


  • Storytelling

  • Experiential Marketing

  • Print & OOH

  • Branding & Design

  • Social

  • User Experience Design

  • Mobile


  • Advert, Film & TV Production

  • Social Content Creation

  • Directing

  • Post Production


  • Media Relations Strategy & Planning 
    We create tailored outreach strategies lead by key learnings, coverage and media landscape analysis to ensure maximum message pull-through and outreach impact.

  • Pitching & Media Relations Execution
    Ensuring pitch efforts are engaging, relevant and newsworthy helps our team drive interest in our clients’ products or services.

  • Media Relationship Management:
    We curate and maintain key media relationships with the intent of building mutually beneficial relationships and brand affinity.

  • Coverage Monitoring and Reporting
    Along with measuring the impact of media relations efforts by keeping close tabs on all client coverage, competitive placements and crisis situations, we maintain meticulous records to inform weekly and monthly reporting.

  • Media Materials Development
    Earned media efforts are only as effective as their communications pieces. In order to ensure we communicate a brand’s message in the most effective way possible, we bring a critical eye and years of writing experience to everything we create.

  • Media Relations Audit & Competitor Analysis 
    In addition to the analysis of competitor messaging and coverage placements, we evaluate the media landscape and curation of priority “media that matter” target outreach list in order to maintain a well-rounded understanding of the space.

  • Crisis Communications 
    We understand the importance of building brand equity and strategically distributing a brand's key messages to minimize the effect of negative publicity.

  • Paid Editorial Coordination
    To create a well-rounded media presence, we identify and execute paid editorial partnerships that amplify campaign messaging communicated across third-party marketing channels.

  • Product Launches & Special Announcements 
    We prioritize the development of comprehensive go-to-market media plans for product launches and newsworthy brand announcements that closely align with strategies for social, digital and in-person marketing efforts.

  • Event/Campaign Amplification
    To support event awareness and attendance via pre-event media relations efforts, we work to integrate with event marketing teams when developing and executing a PR plan.

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Coverage Analysis
    In order to understand the impact of media coverage, we don’t just look at impressions or reach. We examine tone, message pull-through and product features, as these can all extend the uses for media coverage to brand-owned efforts.

We Customize Service Packages to Fit Client Needs and Project Scope.

Contact for a Creative Consultation and Collaboration.

Contact MAC for a
Creative Consultation

Thank you for writing to Modern Art Cowboy for a Creative Consultation.

Looking forward to reviewing your ideas and proposals and meeting to collaborate soon.

  • MAC Show of Under Represented Artists: Diversity Disruption and Display
    Time is TBD
    Seattle, 255 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104, USA
  • WPL: The Art of Undoing Cultural Norms Event Series
    Time is TBD
    Work and Play Lounge, 4700 42nd Ave SW Suite 535, Seattle, WA 98116, USA
    Margie Haywood (WPL) The Art of Undoing Cultural Norms & Modern Art Cowboy Art Event Series
  • Kids ART Play Lounge Themed Events Series
    Time is TBD
    Work Play Lounge, 4700 42nd Ave SW Suite 535, Seattle, WA 98116
    MAC X Work Play Lounge West Seattle hosting a series of family friendly Kids Play Lounge Events at Margie Haywood's Work Play Lounge Co-Working Facilities.
  • Artist Events/Installations Presented by Modern Art Cowboy
    Time is TBD
    MODERN ART COWBOY, 4228 SW Findlay, Seattle, WA. 98136
    MAC Artist Series Pop-Ups and Events. Installations and Capsule Collection Limited Release Drops.
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