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1st Edition


Signed by Richard Weisman

Weisman is an art aficionado and philanthropist who became a friend and admirer of American pop artist Andy Warhol. In 1977, Weisman commissioned Warhol to paint a series of 10 world-class athletes, including golf legend Jack Nicklaus, tennis star Chris Evert, major league baseball pitcher Tom Seaver, basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Brazilian soccer star Pelé, former football star O.J. Simpson, Olympic gold medal ice skater Dorothy Hamill, jockey legend Willie Shoemaker, boxing superstar Muhammed Ali and ice hockey standout Rod Gilbert.

Weisman’s book “Picasso to Pop: The Richard Weisman Collection” showcases the Warhol works. Weisman lives in Seattle, Wash.

From Picasso to Pop: The Richard Weisman Collection

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