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From a prolific 1970's California Bay Area Art Collection:

In the jet-set 50s, French painter Bernard Buffet's reputation rivaled Picasso’s, as did his outsize persona (shaped by his partner Pierre Bergé, who would ditch him soon after laying eyes on the young Yves Saint Laurent).

Buffet’s status as one of France’s ‘fabulous five’, alongside director Roger Vadim, fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, author Françoise Sagan and actress Brigitte Bardot, further served to detach him from the critics.

But come 1999, the artist—shunned by museums and struggling with Parkinson’s—placed a bag over his head, ending his life at age 71. Now, 60 years after his career’s peak, modern art collectors, galleries, museums and auction houses are seeing a resurgence of interest in his work.

Since 1998 the record price for this artist at auction is 2,113,043 USD for Les clowns musiciens, le saxophoniste, sold at Christie's Hong Kong in 2021.

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"The Clown on the Red Background"

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