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Modern Art Cowboy is Inspired by the incredibly knowledgeable and passionate collectors, designers and fans of modern design that make up this diverse collective of clients, customers and support.  


At MIDCENTURY TBD we display a gallery of daily updates and progress of current and on-going recovery and research projects that we are excited to share with the MAC Community!


We ask that you review these projects as many of their artists, dates, histories, mediums, titles, and provenance are TBD. Your exclusive knowledge could be the specific detail that unlocks the hidden histories of these recovered treasures of modern art and design. 


We appreciate any passionate, art and design history sleuthes to join MAC with any assistance, information or research leads they are willing to offer. Any and Every detail is helpful in rightfully preserving the histories of these incredible artworks. Crediting their creators and collectors are just as vital to retain in our stewardship of great art and design history. 


We look forward to hearing from all of you and appreciate you taking the time to reach out to collaborate and exchange knowlege and ideas.


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