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Art Advocacy

Discover how Brands, Businesses,

Companies and Commmunity Organizations

Can Empower and Be Empowered by

Partnering with Local Underrepresented Artists Groups.

By committing to Strengthening Artists' Visibility,

Their Influence, Their Power of Choice,

and Their Ability to Advance their careers

With the Advocacy and Initiatives

of Community and Industry supporters

Connect with Modern Art Cowboy and
Partner with Local Artists who Represent BIPOC, AAPI, Latinx, Veteran, 
People with Disabilities, the Incarcerated and the Youth,
Art Communities

Modern Art Cowboy is a

Creative Consultancy that focuses on

Arts Advocacy for

Underrepresented Artists.

Offering Art Solutions that supports

Underrepresented artists groups through

Collaborations and Partnerships

with Local Brands, Businesses,

Companies and Community Organizations.

Serving to encourage businesses and communities:

To Commit to Mindfully and Intentionally

Hire and Support Local, Diverse Artists

in their campaigns, collaborations, events,

promotions, productions, sponsorships.

To extending networks and resources

as an effort to create diversity, equity and inclusion.

To Support Arts Futures and Legacies.

To Pledge to Communities Fostering Underrepresented Artists.


Providing Fine Art, Furniture and Design

Virtual Market Place and Exhibition


By-Appointment Fine Art and Design in the Heart of West Seattle.

Offering extraordinary works of Local Underrepresented Contemporary Artists

as well as Rare, Rescued,

Mid-Century, Lost Modern Artworks.

Available with Modern Art Cowboy:

  • Avant Garde Art Events

  • Artist Collaborations, Partnerships & Sponsorships

  • Advertising and Marketing with Local Contemporary Art

  • Art & Design Consultations

  • Art and Design Collections and Estate Broker

  • Corporate, Private and Public Arts Programs

  • Custom Commissions and Installations

  • Interior Design, Property Staging and Rentals

  • Live and Catalog Auctions

  • Diversity Art-Led Media Productions

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How Brands, Businesses, Companies and Community Organizations Can Commit to Diversity, Inclusion and Equality of Marginalized Arts

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