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Ekornes introduced the Stressless chair in 1971, meticulously developing and designing the chair to provide your body with the ultimate in comfort and support while sitting upright or reclined. This revolutionary Scandanavian design has made Stressless the ultimate recliner for the past 35 years.

The recline function (the Glide System) reacts to shifts in your body weight. This means you never have to hold tension in your body, like you would in many other recliners. Your head, neck, and shoulders are supported well by the Stressless Consul Chair's headrest. The headrest moves with the chair to keep your head supported in a reading position with your neck muscles relaxed. As an alternative, you can drop the headrest if you'd like to lie almost fully flat. The Plus system within the chair controls lumbar region support, so that whenever you need it, the chair moves to support your lower back.

With a striking combination of comfort, function, and balanced good looks, the Stressless Consul Chair is the direct result of more than 35 years of refining Ekornes Design.

The Stressless Consul Chair Small was formerly known as the Diplomat Chair.

Condition and Measurements:

In Good Condition. Original Cream colored Leather.

Single-Home Ownership



Chair dimensions: 37" h x 28.25" w x 27.5" d

Ottoman dimensions: 15" h x 21.25" w x 15.25" d

Seat height: 15" h

SOLD:Ekornes Stressless Recliner Consul Chair & Ottoman,Cream Leather Size Small

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